Reception – 01296 316113 or 01296 316115
Cygnet Nursery – 01296 316183
Duckling Nursery – 01296 316147
Gosling Nursery – 01296 316146

Please note your baby may move nurseries and also cot spaces within nurseries. Ensure you note which nursery your baby is in so you can speak to the appropriate nurse if you phone the Unit. Nurses are available to update you about the care of your baby at any time but should you wish to speak to a doctor they are available on the ward round every morning from 09:30 onwards.

Please ask relatives not to phone the Unit as they are unable to give out information to them.

There is a kitchen area for parents on the Unit to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate (visitors can use facilities for a donation of £0.50). There is also a vending machine located at the entrance to the Unit.

There is a sitting room available for parents to relax and use whilst visiting their baby on the Unit. Code for the room is 234567. Siblings can also use this room whilst being supervised by an adult.

Prior to discharge you will be invited to “room in”. This will be when your baby is feeding well, maintaining their own temperature in a cot and gaining weight. There are two rooms available for parents to stay overnight and care for their baby/babies for one or two nights prior to discharge. Unfortunately, accommodation is only available at this time.

Whilst rooming in, meals will be provided for mothers. Please ask a member of staff for a menu if you wish to use this service. Alternatively there is a fridge and a microwave on the unit which parents are welcome to use. Please place a label on your food and drinks with your name and the date. Feel free to bring in take-aways.

The Unit encourages and supports breast feeding and an admission to the Neonatal Unit does not prevent successful breast feeding. If your baby’s condition does not allow you to breast feed straight away then support can be given to you with expressing and there are also breast pumps on the Unit to use throughout your baby’s stay.

If you choose to bottle feed then there is a variety of formula milk available, including ‘Nutriprem’ which is a pre-term formula.

While on the Unit there are electric breast pumps available to use with privacy screens so you can express next to your baby or alternatively in the expressing room.

There are also some manual breast pumps available to purchase for £20 each or parents are able to contact the company Medella to hire an electric breast pump.

Phone Number – 0161 776 0400
Email – www.medela.co.uk

Please quote (NICU 30) for a discounted rate of £30 for the first two weeks followed by £30 every 30 days thereafter.

Parents can visit at any time, however please do not visit if you are unwell. “Quiet time” for the babies is between 12:30 to 14:30 when lighting and noise are kept to a minimum.

Siblings may visit after quiet time (from 14.30) if free from illness/sickness. No other children are allowed on the Unit.

Other visitors are welcome between 17.00 to 19.00.

Only 2 visitors are permitted per cot space at any time, of which at least one must be a parent. There is a sitting room on the Unit which is available for parents and their visitors to use if you have more than one guest.

Infection control is important for the health and well being of everyone so that we can all reduce healthcare associated infections. For this reason there are infection control procedures in place:

  • All people coming onto the Unit should wash their hands with soap and water, dry them thoroughly and then use the hand gel.
  • Outside coats should be removed and left on the pegs provided before entering the Unit.
  • Visitors should ensure they are well and free from infections to avoid the babies becoming unwell. We also advise you to limit the number of visitors if your baby is unwell.
  • Please be aware that all babies on the Unit will have routine weekly MRSA and ESBL swabs taken on a Wednesday. Babies also get weighed twice per week on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Mobile phones are allowed but please ensure they are on silent. If you need to make or receive a phone call then please step outside the Unit to respect the babies, nurses, doctors, parents and other visitors.

Taking photos and sending text messages are both acceptable whilst still on the Unit though.

Parents are entitled to a discounted weekly parking ticket. Cost £15 (in pound coins). To gain access to this you require a letter from the Neonatal Unit to be taken to security desk in A&E entrance where a weekly ticket will be issued.

A free shuttle bus runs regularly from High Wycombe Bus Station to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Please obtain a letter from a nurse to prove that your baby is on the Neonatal unit. Gain a ticket from the reception area in the hospital to travel (reception at Stoke Mandeville is in the main restaurant).

  • Bus Service Numbers: 55, 62, 300, 4, 9, and Park & Ride PR1.

Local Taxi Numbers:

  • Falcon Taxis: 01296 580 000
  • Five 2’s Taxis: 01296 422 222

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